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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello my Lovelies...Well, they let us out for the night to play the Borderline, which was super cool. It was with BBC 6 Music and Club Fandango, which apparently means we are now officially a buzz band...whatever that means! It's a real shame Theoretical Girl couldn't make it. She had the flu. But the Mutts rocked out and Brinkman were really good too, although their 'stage set' didn't seem to do much in the end. I think the drum kit was supposed to take off or something!?. It was good to catch up with Toby and Malc again. They're done in the studio and haven't been seen since the great 'Ain't Never Been [BREATHE!] Cool' choir of drunken angels. I've still got tons to do, which is quite a daunting prospect, but I'm feeling particularly smug today after our nice 'London Lite' review of last night's gig. (Debbie can dance! What are they on about?) Ta muchly to James and Ken for the pics.. and Andrew's posted the review up on our forum ( Buzz buzz..
See you back in the Cotswolds!
Ali x

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blimey, another day, another thousand and one guitar parts done. Or so I believe the saying goes. Andrew and I have just finished a stint in the Cotswalds with the lovely George Shilling and his equally lovely family (apologies to Jessie for scaring her, obviously my beard is becoming too much). Its been a mad cap two and a half days filled to bursting with hot licks on our guitar strings, riffs and rhythms and loads of (slightly weird) guitar thangs.

Having decamped to the middle of absolutely nowhere (or near enough as far as I was concerned) I tried to adjust to life without those creature comforts people expect in London; roads with pavements, paths that don't go through fields, routes to work not involving bulls etc etc. However, i managed to blend in with the locals so well that I was frequently mistaken for the town drunk. Meanwhile things were hotting up in the studio with me laying down the guitar parts for Towering Inferno on George white Les Paul Custom (just like the one that the bloke from The Darkness has) which was frankly none more Spinal Tap! Andrew and I were also having fun playing on the large array of keyboard based instruments that George owns including a Moog, a Rhodes 88, a Casio VL-tone and the one that we both agreed we'd love to steal; a Wurlitzer 200. Honestly the Wizard would be drooling...

As I was rocking out Andrew took some time out at the piano reading a book entitled "Strange Sounds: Offbeat Instruments and Sonic Experiments in Pop" by Mark Brend, which is a book detailing all the C-uuuuuurrrrr-aaaaaaa-zeeeeeeee instruments that have been invented in the world, ever! Suffice to say Andrew kept on babbeling on about "space noises" or some such nonsense.

At the end of the first day we took some time out to get aquainted with one of the local pubs however, as we arrived at 10:25 the almost literally threw the last punters out, turned off the lights and pretended that they weren't in until we went away. So we did, and there I bowed to peer pressure and sampled one of the local ales on offer; Checkmate. This didn't sit so well making me feel a little ropey...urghhh

As much as I go on about disliking the countryside, I do have to admit that when you don't want the trappings of a major city, I would always rather the proper countryside rather than some commutor belt, suburban hell. As such, I tried to indulge in another fancy of mine which is photography and although it was just a point and click I quite like the results...

I should take a minute to detail here on the blog George's, our producer, technique for inspiring us in the morning. It is as follows: welcome musicians, give Andrew coffee, play Spinal Tap for 15 minutes, play "Crossroads" starring that kid from Karate Kid rather than Britney, play some Sabbath whilst watching bizzare YouTube videos and finally listen to some classic Stax to calm us down...

Having been inspired by the Mad Pop Instruments book we decided to add to cool noises to the end of Get Outta Town. All I'll say is that if you listen to the end of the song and bear in mind the influences above and the use on an EH micro synthesizer i think you'll be pleasently suprised.

until next time, over and out...


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Evening all,

I've just seen a lovely alsation in the local pub (only one pint on a break record label) she was old and had that kind of contented look that only pub dogs have. I miss my dog, she was a retriever called Poppy who understood complicated conversations. This morning I saw some tiny ponies and heard lots of bees. I like the country, me.

Anyhow, work wise we've being going like a rocket today and got all of ivors guitars finished and some of mine too. tonight, some acoustics and wurlitzer piano, tomorrow it's a bit more of me on my electric (named Doris) then back to Hitsville for a pre-gig rehearsal for our 6music/club fandango night.

see you soon

Andrew x

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Morning All,
Sorry there's been no post for the last couple of days. In a Craig David style let me fill you in.

Friday was big on trains for me as I took a trip from the haunted house in the Cotswolds, all the way to Cardiff to see musical mobster Dave The String, who'll be scoring the luscious strings and stax style horns for the album.
Basically, he takes my ham fisted attempts at writing and makes them readable by proper musicians. I am VERY excited about hearing them in full technicolour sound.

After a couple of hours of consultation with Dave The String (quick because of my all nighter preparation i mnight add) I went for a short walk around Cardiff, trying not to sound too English and caught a disgustingly busy train back to Hitsville SE10
to finish off the horn line for Get Outta Town!

Yesterday (Saturday) I caught a ride with The Happy Clown up to my old stamping ground Liverpool. Any of you know your LS history will know that in the proto Lucky Soul line up we had a different bassist and singer who very romantically had a beautiful baby,ran away and lived happily ever after up in scouseland. I am currently in a room with said baby (Lily) running round me looking for snails in the garden. If there has been a more disgustingly good looking child, I'm yet to see it and this one has her own place in the story of the 'Soul.

Soon I'm back down to hitsville for more brass and back to the Cotswolds with Ivor tomorrow for some nine minute tapping solo's.

see you then.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Greetings blogwatchers, this is producer George at the village telegraph machine. La-di-dah Londoners Lucky Soul have now decamped to my studio here in the sticks. They haven't managed a post here since arriving, mainly because they've been going great guns recording vocals and guitars. But also, there is, understandably, great demand for the village telegraph machine, first of all Farmer Scruggins was on for ages, searching the interweb for a spare wheel bearing for his rather worn horse-drawn plough. Then the vicar was looking up 14th century quotes about other religions as inspiration for Sunday's sermon. Anyway, I digress. Apart from making great recordings (despite Andrew's well-disguised sleep deprivation symptoms due to the late night before coming), Andrew and Ali have been making regular visits to their friendly local host at the B&B farmhouse, who has been notable by his absence from the premises, some several furlongs from the village. Here is a pic of the band's intended accommodation:
Unfortunately, despite three visits there yesterday, Mr Mawle the farmer failed to materialise to let them in, so a rather weary Andrew slept on the studio floor and covered himself with acoustic treatment, whilst Ali made it upstairst to the luxury padded spare room. Her peaceful slumber was, unfortunately rather short-lived, as my three year old daughter Producerette insisted on a ballet-dancing demonstration before heading off to playgroup. Happily, Mr Mawle's brother Fred (also a farmer) dropped keys off for the B&B this afternoon, although he was unsure which of the 18 bedrooms were intended for the guests, so there is a good chance that as I type upon my return from delivering them to the farmhouse that they are barging into sleeping German tourists' bedrooms. Neither bandmember could face beheading the chicken acquired for them by Mrs Producer George, so both evenings have been spent by firing up the old Bentley and heading into town fo the acquisition of pizzas ("pop music on bread") with a pint of Bad Trousers (no, really!) over the road at The Bell whilst waiting for them (the pizzas, that is) to be stone baked. In the morning I go back to my normal job of village taxi driver, and - perm my pubes! - you wouldn't believe it, but my first clients are a certain Andrew and Ali who have booked me to take them to the railway station. Andrew heads to the Welsh valleys to visit Dave the String for a primer regarding arrangements for scrapers and tootlers, whilst Ali heads for the sanctity of the commuter belt somewhere south of London to recuperate after her countryside adventure.

Toodle Pip!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Like, wow, man. It's been a long, long night down here at Hitville SE10. I've been getting all me string and horn arrangements ready to take to Dave The String in Cardiff on Friday. I thought I was better prepared than I was and it's taken me a long time to regroup stuff. Some of it will be taken to Wales in my head, and Ba-ba- ba'd to Dave, who'll hopefully make some sense of my melodic ramblings. I hope it survives the journey, my brain is currently making fizzing noises, although no hallucinations as yet. I've got three hours before we set off to the Cotswolds and still have to get get home and pack/ put my jeans in the dryer. I'm reall short on time but thats normal. Still got some horns to work out in the Cotswolds but very pleased with my Stax style brass arrangement for "ever yours I remain" which at the moment sounds some where between Bacarrach/ Neil Young/ Gram Parsons / Otis Redding but nothing like the Arctic Monkeys (sorry buzz watchers). I like it alot.
Anyhow Dusty's On The Record player and I've got to shut down my computer and Get Outta Town!!
See you soon.

By the way I hope my late night ramblings are more interesting than the singer's coffee morning gossip column that was posted previously. It's a serious album blog this, not Richard and Judy. Ayyeeee

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ooh Runaway Bride's on the telly now... No. Pack. MUST PACK ...

Hello Peeps,

In preparation for the Cotswolds (and because it's my only night off in about 20) I have had the girliest evening ever, consisting of a Hollywood bath followed by Dirty Dancing on DVD. Shameless I know, but I deserve it. And now I'm off to pack my suitcase. See you up there!

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Ali x

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hello again.

Well we've packed up and moved out of the lush Livingston Studios in glamorous Wood Green. Quite sad really 'cos I really liked it in there. It had a lovely atmosphere and I felt really at home. That means a lot when you have to concentrate for long periods of time. Anyhow, it all sounds great so far but the hard work doesn't stop. I'm currently frantically sorting out some string and horn arrangements before I go to Cardiff to see a proper string arranger who'll score them for us.

Before that we're decamping to producer George's place to start on some overdubs.

Last night was a lot of fun, noce to have a bit of light relief and wonderful for the heart to hear peopple having a good time singing one of our songs.Long may it continue.

123 Clap! Clap clap!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

"you're my hero Ivor" Guess who said that during the overdubbs......... clue, Not Andrew!

The final overdubbs. " Please, just a little less Clapton"

Now I'm really getting nostalgic... Before we even got in the studio this is Andrew's list on the wall at Hitsville SE10. Can you see the green to red traffic light system he had in place to let us know if we were ready to record the song? Green was on top then amber then red bottom. He doesn't drive bless.
N x
P.S Damm I love this blogg stuff. You can't tell I've been in bed and not been talking to anyone for the last couple of days can you?

Tuesday. What's my motivation Doll? Mr B that's what!
Couldn't have done it without him.
Check the mystery 7th member in the bottom left. Funk Brother? He's a dude. That's all I'm sayin'.
N x

Thursday saw Toby's bass overdubs and being told to play the same thing three different ways. Oh the joys of recording..... : ) through gritted teeth.

More reflection. A Pensive Doll on Friday. "Andrew what does this button do"? Oopps. That wiped the whole take for 'Last Song'...... "just go and put the kettle on luv. 2 sugars".

More reflecting. The Hammond recording process on Thursday. I'm sure it shouldn't take three grown men to work it and I'm really not sure about Ivor's role is on the floor. He may well have been looking after the spitoon?

I shall let this one go out to your imagination. Was like being in Blackpool for the day.
Funny Girls anyone?
N x

In a moment of reflection, looking back on a great few days. Getting to know each other, ourselves and our limits of patience - speaking for myself of course.
Here's tasty 1 and 2's motivation for the recording in our 1970's alpine ski lodge of a recording room. Big crazy paving on walls and pine everywhere - I kind of expected Robert Wagner from Hart to Hart to come in at any minute a dust the snow from his Michelin man style ski wear and complain about there being an abominable snow man on the slopes and other such things that invaded my childhood dreams. I digress.
Mine's the Morley's and the massages of encouragement. Ho Ho.Toby's the fags.
Nathaniel x

Only just, I've made it back to match fitness and a little like Rocky in Rocky 2, I was knocked down but struggled back up to win over the crowd, sing round a fire with some homeless folks and have lots of small children chase me when out jogging of a morning. Yet to get to get the girl tho but if she's called Adrian, don't think I'm interested.

Anyway i's Sunday and I'm back and I'm bad. There is a definite feeling of accomplishment in the studio with the final hours ticking away on this last day of the first part of live recording. This is Apart from poor producer George who has unfortunately inherited my disease but is coughing and spluttering his way through the final recording process and like me 'he's mummy's brave soldier'. Bless.

We're getting ready to welcome an incongruous (had to get that word in on the blogg somewhere) bunch of friends, family and fans to sing the chorus of 'Aint Never Bin Cool' and add some hand claps and general cheering noises to the opus. Cant wait as it's about time we cracked open the vino / whiskey / meths and let the hair down a bit.

Nathaniel x

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday night is upon us and there are only a few precious hours of studio time in our top secret location before we have to decamp to the Cotswolds. Today has been another fun packed day with Malc finishing off his piano duties and almost all of his hammond stuff. Only 2 more songs need finishing and they're "last song" and "lullaby" which are currently being tracked as I write this.

I have been mostly been playing guitar and have completed "Ain't never bin cool" and "Get out of town" which now has a solo described as "careening out of control on the back of a juggernaut"....awesome

As promised yesterday here is part one of the Ivor Sims Rig O' Doom... in pictures

From left to right its a Fender Twin Amp --> Line 6 Flextone 2x12 -->Fender Blues Junior -->Roland Orange Cube. All used in vary states and different times on different songs... Tomorrow they'll be time for pedals and gutiars, lovely!

Tomorrow is hand clap day and we'll be getting in our choir of friends to sing the mega-gospel bits on some of the tunes. Sounds like we should get the beers in!

toodle pip


Friday, September 15, 2006

PS: Andrew's just smacked himself in the face during the tambourine overdub. Time to go home I think..

Sweet dreams... Ali x

I never thought I would be writing a blog at 10.00 on a Friday night, but here I am. It's not all glamour and parties round here. not yet, anyway. We're starting to feel like we're getting somewhere with this. The rhythm section were sent home hours ago, and they might not even need to come back. The Hammond parts are coming along well, thanks to my glamourous assistant Les, and it's time for a beer while George does some more tambourine overdubs.


Well it's friday night and the lovely office staff here have gone home for the weekend but not before they rang down to studio 1 to say they've left us all lots of beer in the fridge! Ahhh. We're out of here too on Sunday night and then we're moving studios - up (down?) to the Cotswolds. (Where is the Cotswolds anyway? I hope somebody knows). it sounds like a magical place anyway.. Meanwhile Andrew's off to Cardiff to see a man about some strings and things. The tracks are beginning to sound like records and Malcolm's upstairs cooking lasagne. I have to go now and sing One Kiss. Wish me luck!...

Ali x

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's the end of another productive day down t'mine. Almost everything bar a few loose ends has been drum and bassed to everyone's satisfaction and Malc only has a couple more piano parts before starting on Friday's Hammond Day.

Meanwhile i have been getting myself wound up about a humming guitar amp. Basically if you connect to many thingumys to a couple of doodads then eventually you'll get a ground loop going through your amp which means that you'll amplify the sound of an electric current which ain't very rock 'n' roll I can tell you. So in between takes I was begining to lose the will to live trying to track down the source of my ground loop. Finally, after so much faffing that I had to step outside and calm myself down with a bottle of coke, myself and Aaron, our trusty studio engineer, managed to rig up a complex system of levers and pulleys and finally get rid of the dreaded hum! Thank God!

After all that hullabaloo we finally got down to the most important task of the day, tambourine auditions, we each took it in turn to try and play tambourine to "Add Your Light" unfortunately for us this was videoed and may be used as some sort of blackmail in the future... (damn youtube to hell).

Stay tuned guitar geeks cos tomorrow I feel that I need to document exactly how the 'Soul are getting THAT guitar sound on record. I'm sure exactly 0.34 people are interested, but hey that's the beauty of blogging, I can write whatever I like...A-Ha-hahahaa.

Below find an artist's impression of the new non ground loop amp setup...


I hit the tired wall earlier after a very productive day in which we worked on The Great Unwanted, I Gots The Magic, That Hollywood Glow and Get outta Town (again). I was so tired that i started spelling Drums with a B and no one believed me about the Space Noises.

This afternoon Ivor was miffed about his humming guitar amp and Ali was very pleased that she found some new hair products in the shops.

Stay tuned, tamborine auditions are about to start. I failed mine miserably last night. It wasn't fast enough for me, thats all I'm saying.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well it's been a productive day of overdubbing so far with the tracks beginning to shape up nicely. (This is the exciting bit). Spinal Tap is on in the living room and I'm about to start cooking for the boys. Nat's still poorly but he's certainly here in spirit. Can't get him to shut up at the end of the Towering Inferno track...something about being in Twisted Sister!? There's been a suspicious development on the Space Invaders front. Some cheeky monkey (from studio 2 no doubt!) has come along and beaten us all with a high score of 7000 and ruined it for everyone.

Ali x

And there were you thinking that the 'soul were JUST rock demi gods. Prior to recording, the 'soul decided to put the theory 'healthy body, healthy mind' into practice, with band taking meals together. So far Nat and Myself have given old fat tongue Oliver a run for his money by knocking up a gourmet sunday roast and mexican extraviganza respectively. This is quite a departure from the band's regular sustenance of gravel (sawdust for the veggies) and bovril (vegetable stock for the veggies). Hopefully our improved nutritional intake will be reflected in meatier solo's (quorned up solo's for the veggies).
Moving on to literature, my album reading matter is Iceburg Slim's 'PIMP', which I am re-reading. Obviously I didn't get enough gritty realism the last time round. My fellow tasty brother, Nat, is progressing well with his flashcards and his newly learnt words this week are 'Buzz' and 'band' which he is delightedly repeating at every given opportunity.



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday afternoon and I'm feeling miserable. Have a cold and not getting any sympathy from anyone. To quote Andrew "You're ill every week" . That's up there with other quotes " you spend all day sunbathing in your garden" and "you have no suspension of disbelief".
George did comment I'm like everyone's dad - do all the driving, cook nice dinners and give gentle words of encouragement to my flock. And what do I get in return.....nothing! It's a good job there are some songs being worked on now that may well sell. We live in hope!

Joking aside the fact we are progressing so well that I may even be able to nip off early and tuck myself up in bed with a hot toddy.
ta ta.
Nathaniel x

P.S Now at home. Was in the sick room but all the kids were laughing at me and playing postmans knock on the door so teacher sent me home...... : (

I'm not sure, but this may well be a sign that cabin fever is beginning to set in...

Hello, I'm turning my rapidly wild looking eyes towards a different computer screen to write this afternoon's entry.
We're steaming along here at the studio with basic tracking now done for 10 songs. Currently we're working live favourite "Ain't Never Bin Cool", which sounds boss. Our friendly neighborhood Captain Yard is in the building filming too but I thought I'd use this opportunity to introduce our producer George:

George has been producing hit records since 1915 and has two great ears, one of which can be seen in the above photo.
After early engineering successes with Uncle Barney's Scarborough Skiffle Ensemble, George made his first foray into the world of production in the Sixties with psychedelic beat groups such as "The Ugly Stilton" with their Trans-Atlantic hit "Bunk, Bunk, Bunk!"

More recently George has worked with industrial rockers Bernard Butler Band and seminal Buddhist group The Teenage Fanclubs.

Since meeting Lucky Soul, George has found a new lust for the recording life and has said on two or more occasions that we should "Do it Again!" High praise indeed

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bit of a case of the monday blues today. Arrived at the studio full of the feeling that comes from being ahead of schedule for the first time my life! And today was a very good day completing tracking on "Darling Anything" and "Ever Yours" but this was a little spolit for me by the head scratching that was going on trying to work out why "magic" sounds a bit naff at the moment.

Our Producer George says it will all come good, but i'm not convinced at the moment and sulk all the way home. Maybe tomorrow will bring out the best in it wth a bit of The Wizard's hammond genius liberally sprinkled all over it...

To cheer me up I just looked at the shake and shimmy signs which are now up in the studio


Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Sunday, it's our fourth full day here in the lab and we are steaming ahead full speed with a morning of Hammond organ and guitar overdubs courtesy of the Wizard and the Pile whilst the rest of the Soul were happily dreaming away in bed (probably like me) of million selling debut albums and being recognised in Kwik Save, oh and Scarlet Johansson but that was a separate dream...ahem.

So with great memories fresh in our minds of the How Does It Feel to Be Loved? album launch night at the Windmill last Friday there is a definite air of confidence and positivity in the studio today, and having a day off to sleep helped. Special thanks to Ian and of course all of you who came and made it a magic night especially the Lucky Soulsters who invaded the stage with 'Shake' & 'Shimmy' signs (Phoenix Phi & Tamla Tim) and displayed on cue to Lips and those of you who spent the whole of the performance chanting "Lucky Soul Lucky Soul Lucky Soul". See the evidence on youtube here.

Being a sell out show and part of our favourite club night HDIFTBL we knew it was going to be good but none of us expected it to be that good! We all agreed it was probably the best night we've ever had so thanks again (and cheers to our new Swedish friends Irene (great dancing) see you in Stockholm and Gothenberg in December!).

Back to song updates we somehow managed to nail 'Great Unwanted' in 2 takes adding to our 'we shall conquer the whole world' feeling. And we're sober!

We've got the piano man coming in at 19.30. There's a roast in the oven courtesy of moi and the ever increasing difficult 'in 1 take' 'Get Our Of Town' which is proving to be a feisty bugger. We'll get there just need to get a couple of helpings of apple crumble in us.

Over and out.
Nathaniel x

Tasty 1 and 2 arriving at the secret location... ahem i said secret!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Well well well, we've been in the studio for 3 days now and I think we're finally settling in to the pace of the whole thing. Which is play song, play song better, play it better still, play the theme from The A-Team, play song again. Rinse and repeat and you get the idea.

Several songs are currently in various stages of completion they include, One Kiss, Struck Dumb, Ever Your's I Remain, Towering Inferno, It's Yours, and the mighty Add your light which was done in 1 Take!!! Amazing...

Below is a picture of the most important dial in the studio, as the sessions wear on we'll be sure to turn this one up...

till next time...


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh I think you'll find Ivor's also taken with the Space Invaders craze..he's on it now in fact. This is due mainly to the fact that he CAN"T STAND BEING BEATEN BY A GIRL! Ha ha! Ali x **++//(*_*)\\++**

While other bands indulge in vice and depravity in the studio, Lucky Soul are a clean-living bunch. Not only has there been no alcohol so far, they've been eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.

The only addiction problem seems to be Ali, who has developed a serious Space Invaders habit. High score so far 3120...


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The first day of recording - after much positioning of microphones, we did record some music. Trying not to be overwhelmed by technology, sliding glass doors, and a proper piano, we went for a few takes of "one kiss" and "ever yours".

we're getting there, slowly.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well people the end of the beginning is finally upon us. That's right, tomorrow we finally get into the studio to record the album, the moment we've all been waiting for!

We've all got a night off before the hard work begins, but naturally we had to pack up all our gear ready for transportation to the oh so secret recording location and below is a picture of all the gear ready to go along with our very tired, long serving, long suffering, but all round good egg roadie, THE YARD!



Monday, September 04, 2006

Pre-production has been in full effect over the weekend.

The embryonic songs are placed in the 'songpiler'; basically a large wooden hopper, and left to settle.
After a day of settling, a mulch containing pine nuts, sawdust and strips of blank sheet music marinaded in port, is added to the settled songs.

The songs are then gently warmed using charcoal/ plutonium briquettes and kept at a constant 75 degress below sea level. After the crust has turned a gentle brown, the song mulch is drained, placed on wire guaze and the excess fat trimmed off using a sharp knife (always ask an adult).

Once trimmed, the songs are cut, shaved and poly wrapped, then sent by pigeon mail to the studio for the band to unrap and record.

Above you can see me next to the 'songpiler' at the NSPPP treatment plant in Ruddlesthorp. I insist on using Yorkshire water as it settles very slowly.

The band are looking forward to tapping and unrapping the songs tomorrow. I hope they've bought their sterile gloves and goggles.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hello Boys! Just in case you're wondering where I am, this is me at home on the croquet lawn getting some much needed 'me' time before we go into the studio. There's nothing like a weekend away to clear your head. See you Monday! x x x

Friday, September 01, 2006

In an effort to make the recording of the album more like a movie, at the beginning of recording i have shaved my beard and hope to grow it over the course of the recording so that eventually i will look like Tom Hanks out of that film and have my own "survivor" beard. Which is fun.

In the meantime rehearsal keep on going everyday, all day and as we get nearer the date of entering the studio, the "Oh crap, do you remember how to play that song" factor increases. I'm sure we'll be fine though...


Ivor and Andrew were already having "discussions" over the flight of the bumble bee guitar parts