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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And there were you thinking that the 'soul were JUST rock demi gods. Prior to recording, the 'soul decided to put the theory 'healthy body, healthy mind' into practice, with band taking meals together. So far Nat and Myself have given old fat tongue Oliver a run for his money by knocking up a gourmet sunday roast and mexican extraviganza respectively. This is quite a departure from the band's regular sustenance of gravel (sawdust for the veggies) and bovril (vegetable stock for the veggies). Hopefully our improved nutritional intake will be reflected in meatier solo's (quorned up solo's for the veggies).
Moving on to literature, my album reading matter is Iceburg Slim's 'PIMP', which I am re-reading. Obviously I didn't get enough gritty realism the last time round. My fellow tasty brother, Nat, is progressing well with his flashcards and his newly learnt words this week are 'Buzz' and 'band' which he is delightedly repeating at every given opportunity.




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