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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blimey, another day, another thousand and one guitar parts done. Or so I believe the saying goes. Andrew and I have just finished a stint in the Cotswalds with the lovely George Shilling and his equally lovely family (apologies to Jessie for scaring her, obviously my beard is becoming too much). Its been a mad cap two and a half days filled to bursting with hot licks on our guitar strings, riffs and rhythms and loads of (slightly weird) guitar thangs.

Having decamped to the middle of absolutely nowhere (or near enough as far as I was concerned) I tried to adjust to life without those creature comforts people expect in London; roads with pavements, paths that don't go through fields, routes to work not involving bulls etc etc. However, i managed to blend in with the locals so well that I was frequently mistaken for the town drunk. Meanwhile things were hotting up in the studio with me laying down the guitar parts for Towering Inferno on George white Les Paul Custom (just like the one that the bloke from The Darkness has) which was frankly none more Spinal Tap! Andrew and I were also having fun playing on the large array of keyboard based instruments that George owns including a Moog, a Rhodes 88, a Casio VL-tone and the one that we both agreed we'd love to steal; a Wurlitzer 200. Honestly the Wizard would be drooling...

As I was rocking out Andrew took some time out at the piano reading a book entitled "Strange Sounds: Offbeat Instruments and Sonic Experiments in Pop" by Mark Brend, which is a book detailing all the C-uuuuuurrrrr-aaaaaaa-zeeeeeeee instruments that have been invented in the world, ever! Suffice to say Andrew kept on babbeling on about "space noises" or some such nonsense.

At the end of the first day we took some time out to get aquainted with one of the local pubs however, as we arrived at 10:25 the almost literally threw the last punters out, turned off the lights and pretended that they weren't in until we went away. So we did, and there I bowed to peer pressure and sampled one of the local ales on offer; Checkmate. This didn't sit so well making me feel a little ropey...urghhh

As much as I go on about disliking the countryside, I do have to admit that when you don't want the trappings of a major city, I would always rather the proper countryside rather than some commutor belt, suburban hell. As such, I tried to indulge in another fancy of mine which is photography and although it was just a point and click I quite like the results...

I should take a minute to detail here on the blog George's, our producer, technique for inspiring us in the morning. It is as follows: welcome musicians, give Andrew coffee, play Spinal Tap for 15 minutes, play "Crossroads" starring that kid from Karate Kid rather than Britney, play some Sabbath whilst watching bizzare YouTube videos and finally listen to some classic Stax to calm us down...

Having been inspired by the Mad Pop Instruments book we decided to add to cool noises to the end of Get Outta Town. All I'll say is that if you listen to the end of the song and bear in mind the influences above and the use on an EH micro synthesizer i think you'll be pleasently suprised.

until next time, over and out...



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