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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hello, I'm turning my rapidly wild looking eyes towards a different computer screen to write this afternoon's entry.
We're steaming along here at the studio with basic tracking now done for 10 songs. Currently we're working live favourite "Ain't Never Bin Cool", which sounds boss. Our friendly neighborhood Captain Yard is in the building filming too but I thought I'd use this opportunity to introduce our producer George:

George has been producing hit records since 1915 and has two great ears, one of which can be seen in the above photo.
After early engineering successes with Uncle Barney's Scarborough Skiffle Ensemble, George made his first foray into the world of production in the Sixties with psychedelic beat groups such as "The Ugly Stilton" with their Trans-Atlantic hit "Bunk, Bunk, Bunk!"

More recently George has worked with industrial rockers Bernard Butler Band and seminal Buddhist group The Teenage Fanclubs.

Since meeting Lucky Soul, George has found a new lust for the recording life and has said on two or more occasions that we should "Do it Again!" High praise indeed


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