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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello my Lovelies...Well, they let us out for the night to play the Borderline, which was super cool. It was with BBC 6 Music and Club Fandango, which apparently means we are now officially a buzz band...whatever that means! It's a real shame Theoretical Girl couldn't make it. She had the flu. But the Mutts rocked out and Brinkman were really good too, although their 'stage set' didn't seem to do much in the end. I think the drum kit was supposed to take off or something!?. It was good to catch up with Toby and Malc again. They're done in the studio and haven't been seen since the great 'Ain't Never Been [BREATHE!] Cool' choir of drunken angels. I've still got tons to do, which is quite a daunting prospect, but I'm feeling particularly smug today after our nice 'London Lite' review of last night's gig. (Debbie can dance! What are they on about?) Ta muchly to James and Ken for the pics.. and Andrew's posted the review up on our forum ( Buzz buzz..
See you back in the Cotswolds!
Ali x


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Hurrah! Welcome to blogging, LS!

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