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Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's the end of another productive day down t'mine. Almost everything bar a few loose ends has been drum and bassed to everyone's satisfaction and Malc only has a couple more piano parts before starting on Friday's Hammond Day.

Meanwhile i have been getting myself wound up about a humming guitar amp. Basically if you connect to many thingumys to a couple of doodads then eventually you'll get a ground loop going through your amp which means that you'll amplify the sound of an electric current which ain't very rock 'n' roll I can tell you. So in between takes I was begining to lose the will to live trying to track down the source of my ground loop. Finally, after so much faffing that I had to step outside and calm myself down with a bottle of coke, myself and Aaron, our trusty studio engineer, managed to rig up a complex system of levers and pulleys and finally get rid of the dreaded hum! Thank God!

After all that hullabaloo we finally got down to the most important task of the day, tambourine auditions, we each took it in turn to try and play tambourine to "Add Your Light" unfortunately for us this was videoed and may be used as some sort of blackmail in the future... (damn youtube to hell).

Stay tuned guitar geeks cos tomorrow I feel that I need to document exactly how the 'Soul are getting THAT guitar sound on record. I'm sure exactly 0.34 people are interested, but hey that's the beauty of blogging, I can write whatever I like...A-Ha-hahahaa.

Below find an artist's impression of the new non ground loop amp setup...



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