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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Like, wow, man. It's been a long, long night down here at Hitville SE10. I've been getting all me string and horn arrangements ready to take to Dave The String in Cardiff on Friday. I thought I was better prepared than I was and it's taken me a long time to regroup stuff. Some of it will be taken to Wales in my head, and Ba-ba- ba'd to Dave, who'll hopefully make some sense of my melodic ramblings. I hope it survives the journey, my brain is currently making fizzing noises, although no hallucinations as yet. I've got three hours before we set off to the Cotswolds and still have to get get home and pack/ put my jeans in the dryer. I'm reall short on time but thats normal. Still got some horns to work out in the Cotswolds but very pleased with my Stax style brass arrangement for "ever yours I remain" which at the moment sounds some where between Bacarrach/ Neil Young/ Gram Parsons / Otis Redding but nothing like the Arctic Monkeys (sorry buzz watchers). I like it alot.
Anyhow Dusty's On The Record player and I've got to shut down my computer and Get Outta Town!!
See you soon.

By the way I hope my late night ramblings are more interesting than the singer's coffee morning gossip column that was posted previously. It's a serious album blog this, not Richard and Judy. Ayyeeee


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