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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Morning All,
Sorry there's been no post for the last couple of days. In a Craig David style let me fill you in.

Friday was big on trains for me as I took a trip from the haunted house in the Cotswolds, all the way to Cardiff to see musical mobster Dave The String, who'll be scoring the luscious strings and stax style horns for the album.
Basically, he takes my ham fisted attempts at writing and makes them readable by proper musicians. I am VERY excited about hearing them in full technicolour sound.

After a couple of hours of consultation with Dave The String (quick because of my all nighter preparation i mnight add) I went for a short walk around Cardiff, trying not to sound too English and caught a disgustingly busy train back to Hitsville SE10
to finish off the horn line for Get Outta Town!

Yesterday (Saturday) I caught a ride with The Happy Clown up to my old stamping ground Liverpool. Any of you know your LS history will know that in the proto Lucky Soul line up we had a different bassist and singer who very romantically had a beautiful baby,ran away and lived happily ever after up in scouseland. I am currently in a room with said baby (Lily) running round me looking for snails in the garden. If there has been a more disgustingly good looking child, I'm yet to see it and this one has her own place in the story of the 'Soul.

Soon I'm back down to hitsville for more brass and back to the Cotswolds with Ivor tomorrow for some nine minute tapping solo's.

see you then.



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