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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Only just, I've made it back to match fitness and a little like Rocky in Rocky 2, I was knocked down but struggled back up to win over the crowd, sing round a fire with some homeless folks and have lots of small children chase me when out jogging of a morning. Yet to get to get the girl tho but if she's called Adrian, don't think I'm interested.

Anyway i's Sunday and I'm back and I'm bad. There is a definite feeling of accomplishment in the studio with the final hours ticking away on this last day of the first part of live recording. This is Apart from poor producer George who has unfortunately inherited my disease but is coughing and spluttering his way through the final recording process and like me 'he's mummy's brave soldier'. Bless.

We're getting ready to welcome an incongruous (had to get that word in on the blogg somewhere) bunch of friends, family and fans to sing the chorus of 'Aint Never Bin Cool' and add some hand claps and general cheering noises to the opus. Cant wait as it's about time we cracked open the vino / whiskey / meths and let the hair down a bit.

Nathaniel x


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