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Monday, September 04, 2006

Pre-production has been in full effect over the weekend.

The embryonic songs are placed in the 'songpiler'; basically a large wooden hopper, and left to settle.
After a day of settling, a mulch containing pine nuts, sawdust and strips of blank sheet music marinaded in port, is added to the settled songs.

The songs are then gently warmed using charcoal/ plutonium briquettes and kept at a constant 75 degress below sea level. After the crust has turned a gentle brown, the song mulch is drained, placed on wire guaze and the excess fat trimmed off using a sharp knife (always ask an adult).

Once trimmed, the songs are cut, shaved and poly wrapped, then sent by pigeon mail to the studio for the band to unrap and record.

Above you can see me next to the 'songpiler' at the NSPPP treatment plant in Ruddlesthorp. I insist on using Yorkshire water as it settles very slowly.

The band are looking forward to tapping and unrapping the songs tomorrow. I hope they've bought their sterile gloves and goggles.



Blogger Sash said...

hehe, is that your Justin Timberlake look?

7:16 PM  

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