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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday night is upon us and there are only a few precious hours of studio time in our top secret location before we have to decamp to the Cotswolds. Today has been another fun packed day with Malc finishing off his piano duties and almost all of his hammond stuff. Only 2 more songs need finishing and they're "last song" and "lullaby" which are currently being tracked as I write this.

I have been mostly been playing guitar and have completed "Ain't never bin cool" and "Get out of town" which now has a solo described as "careening out of control on the back of a juggernaut"....awesome

As promised yesterday here is part one of the Ivor Sims Rig O' Doom... in pictures

From left to right its a Fender Twin Amp --> Line 6 Flextone 2x12 -->Fender Blues Junior -->Roland Orange Cube. All used in vary states and different times on different songs... Tomorrow they'll be time for pedals and gutiars, lovely!

Tomorrow is hand clap day and we'll be getting in our choir of friends to sing the mega-gospel bits on some of the tunes. Sounds like we should get the beers in!

toodle pip



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