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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday afternoon and I'm feeling miserable. Have a cold and not getting any sympathy from anyone. To quote Andrew "You're ill every week" . That's up there with other quotes " you spend all day sunbathing in your garden" and "you have no suspension of disbelief".
George did comment I'm like everyone's dad - do all the driving, cook nice dinners and give gentle words of encouragement to my flock. And what do I get in return.....nothing! It's a good job there are some songs being worked on now that may well sell. We live in hope!

Joking aside the fact we are progressing so well that I may even be able to nip off early and tuck myself up in bed with a hot toddy.
ta ta.
Nathaniel x

P.S Now at home. Was in the sick room but all the kids were laughing at me and playing postmans knock on the door so teacher sent me home...... : (


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