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Friday, October 20, 2006

50, Mavis, Ruff, Soaked. In that order.

Well, while the others are are contacting their lawyers and suing themselves, I'm still here at the battle front tearing through the last few songs in our cannon.

Obviously at this moment I've been kicked out of the control room again whilst George tinkers with live favourite "The Great Unwanted". At least that's what he tells me, for all I know he could be emailing the mixes off to MIX4U and playing solitaire for an hour.

Still we're hanging onto schedule by our teeth and everythings really starting to shine. With only 50 hours to go till pens down and we have to hand our work in at the front of the hall, it's gonna be tight but just fine. I'm sure I won't be saying that Sunday morning when I'm crying and smashing my head against the piano.

Be twixt listening and pointing and head shaking sessions today, I've been taking in loads of music for future influence/ piracy. Some real good stuff over the last couple of days infact.

Like these:
Esquivel- mad latin percussion arrangements kind of bossanova style. crazy stereo sounds, I believe Stereolab are big fans.

Ennio Morricone- He's most famous for his haunting soundtrack to Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns, but this was a CD entitled Mondo Morricone and was a selection of soundtracks from Independent Italian Films in the early sixties. spellbindingly beautiful stuff.

The Kinks- Village Green Preservation Society-works very well in the country.

A bit of Mavis Staples. Check her out if you want to hear A VOICE. It's biggger than the both of us, baby.

Some Barry White produced woman that I can't remember the name of

More Bert Jansh

Head by the Monkees whils making cheese and chutney sandwiches. Didn't match, turned it off

And finally a bit of pastoral english? alt country kind of stuff by a band called HEM, which is George's wife Fe's favourite and very pleasant stuff it is too. Got some oboes in it. Could possibly be used on some Channel Four heartrending British film. Just the right side of sweet really

Dog Update: I went for a brisk evening's constitutional earlier. As darkness fell my mind wandered onto American Werewolf In London. "Stick t' road, stay off the Moor etc" when I was startled by heavy breathing behind me. Usually this would be one of my many eager lady fans desperate to catch a glimse of their best travelling troubadour. Not tonight though, It was just a dirty great Dalmation.


P.S. Would the owner of the grey Ford Focus that aqua-planed past me at 9:30 this morning covering me from head to to toe in muddy water, like to contact me with any ideas as to how to get the salt marks off of me desert boots. Thanks.

Oh and if anyone would like to check out the sprawling metropolis where I've spent the last month, jave a look here:

Andrew Laidlaw (thought the Old Grey Whistle Test was a sheep dog programme as a child and missed out on early music education)


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