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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hey Chuck, Can We Get A Horse In Here?"

One of the advantages of recording and mixing with the aid of a computer instead of tape is that that you can be a lot more flexible and flit from session to session.

If you don't keep focused that could be a problem, but as long as you're sensible and set yourself resonable time limits, then it means you keep fresh and your ears don't get tired and bored. This in turn helps you make more measured and honest mixing decisions when you can look at the mix from in front rather than being buried inside it.

It also means that when, even when we're mixing I can still get a moment to SHOEHORN IN MORE STUFF. This was the case last night night when the bulging suitcase of a sweet pop that is "One Kiss Don't Make A Summer" was prized open with a crowbar and we shoved a HARPSICHORD in.

nb, historical note George's Harpsichord is a quality piece made by William De Blaise. The only other time I've seen one is in the Jean Luc Godard film "Sympathy For The Devil" about the making of The Stones' song, at Olympic Studios. Sounds great, so much better than yer virtual stuff.

The suitcase didn't too much sitting on, the harpsichord is only a little melodic arpeggio in the chorus and evrything that lives in our songs is carefuly placed, but I thought it might be nice to write a list of The componants in "One Kiss" to show you just how much gets on a Lucky Soul track and makes us sound a bit different to most bands.

Here goes

Drums,Bass,Grand Piano,Fender Stratocaster(electric guitar), Fender Telecaster, Six String Acoustic guitar, 12 String acoustic, Cello, Viola, Violin, Suitcase Rhodes(Electric Piano)
Girl Vocals, Girl Double vox, Girl Harmony, Boy Vox x2, Boy bDouble Vox, Guiro, Triangle, Hand Claps x6, Egg Shaker, Cabasa, Harpsichord, Tamborine. No Horse. Yet.

See if you can find them all when it comes out. We have tracks that have more in them than that sometimes. Just wait till we can afford a gospel choir.

I'm very pleased with "One Kiss". It's finally flowering after a long journey, it sounds wonderfully lush and very pop with just the right amount of heartbreak.

So we've got all sorts on the go now, Add Your Light nearly done and Get Outta Town sounding brilliant and completely mental. "It's yours" clicked earlier and "Ain't Never Been Cool" is marching along. It's all sounding rather good.

George as we speak is firing up the next track so we think new songs as well as carrying on my musical education. Today we've had:

The Byrds "Turn! Turn! Turn!" which is up high on the shelf and I fell crashing to floor whilst trying to reach it. Don't worry rhythm guitar fans, my hands are OK.

We had the B52's Wild Planet.... bit hectic for the morning really.

Some crazy Joe Meek produced stuff by some yodelling cowboy,

But best of all folk hero Bert Jansch's "Jack Orion" which I find really calming but dead spooky at the same time. It sounds like death on a windy shore.

Take Care OUt There

A x


Blogger Matthew said...


I stumbled onto your site because of a search for the quote in the heading of this post...I heard it on a Cat's Miaow track but think it sounds like Brian Wilson. So I guess that's what I'm still going to be wondering as I sift through your website...who was it that actually said such a thing, and were they serious? Any clue?


4:41 AM  

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