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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I just don't know what to do with myself...

I'VE FINISHED! It feels mighty strange, and I'm sure I'm gonna be going around in a daze for the next week. Myself and Ivor caught the train back to London this afternoon with sore hands from all the clap-clap-clapping overdubs. We've left Andrew to rummage through George's percussion box one last time before they embark on 'The Mix'. Wow, it's all gone so quickly.

Yesterday we put some lead vocals to bed before Ivor joined us for a good eight hours of doo-wopping, shoop-shooping, ba-ba-ba-ing and plenty of "TOO FLAT!" "TOO SHARP!" "TOO SHORT!" "TOO FLAT!" from George. (We got there in the end). That’s eight hours excluding the obligatory pub break of course. George and I on the red and Andrew and Ivor on the local brew with Toby the very naughty puppy, (not the bass player) a timid little Jack Russell who took a shine to Andrew, a black Lab and the old German Shepherd in the corner. You have to understand I have a dog-shaped hole in my life. So it was nice.

My last morning in the haunted house couldn’t have been any more surreal, with Richard the farmer blasting out ‘Lips Are Unhappy’ followed by ‘Happy Christmas (War Is Over)’ into the breakfast room for the benefit of the only other guest. Personally I like nothing more than a bit of Lucky Soul over my scrambled egg when I’ve heard nothing else for the last two months. But no, Richard has been a darling, giving us lifts to the studio, bottles of red wine and the best hospitality in the Cotswolds.

So it was back to the studio for one last go at some BV’s and hand claps and then on the train back to the real world.

Well… until tomorrow when I get to go to the BBC to pick out some vintage dresses for the album cover shoot. Yay!

See you soon,

Ali x


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