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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Laidlaw and I

Hi again.. On Tuesday evening I disappeared under the Piccadilly Circus subway after some bloke-in-a-hurry had fallen over my suitcase, and I emerged the other end in the freezing Cotswolds, greeted by Andrew and George on their way to the chippy. It was quite a shock to the system, but I was very excited to get back. We had a quick go at some vocals before getting the obligatory pint in at 'The Pub' (the only one in the village). We had a giggle over lord such-and-such complaining VERY LOUDLY in his tweed jacket and comb-over about something or other. It's all go 'round here you know. He got chucked out and everything! Not unlike a Saturday night down at the Gypsy Moth in Greenwich..

Wednesday moring was like a postcard with 360 degrees of the bluest of blue skies on our brisk country walk to the studio. We cut through a field where we met the most enormous scary-looking bull. Next time I see him I'll take a photo for you. (Before I run for my life!). It turned out to be a really productive day, getting loads of vocals done. We've even started on some backing vocals, with Andrew Shoop-shooping and Bah-bah-bahing on 'My Brittle Heart' and 'It's Your's' respectively. I have my little make-shift vocal booth set up out the back, so I can shake and shimmy along like no-one's looking, which makes me sing better! The vocals are slowly coming together and the rest of the tracks are sounding great. There are moments when, if you close your eyes and listen, you can hear the finished record and get a shiver.

Andrew's left for Cardiff this morning to go and see Dave the String, getting up at stupid-O'Clock and leaving me on my own in the haunted house! (Except, of course for the farmer). So a lonely fry-up was had at the long dining table that usually sits 12, with only the stopped grandfather clock in the corner for company. It was a bit weird. I ate quickly. I had planned to repeat my country walk but the rain started to fall and I had to call for a lift from George. If there's any running away from bulls to do it's probably best not to get caught out in the mud. Now George is going over last night's takes of 'The Towering Inferno'. It's amazing I have any voice left at all by the sounds of it. It's a bit of a belter.

See you soon,

Ali x


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