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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Manager and The Fat Cat… That’s 2 Fat Cats then.

I though it was about time I ventured into the beauty that is the English countryside to see what my monkey’s have been up to i.e check for evidence of crosswords, watching T.V and generally not doing much and costing us £000’s for it (extensive magazine collection has been noted Ali).

I had to leave behind Nick at Ruffa Lane HQ and his ‘Conker Death Squad’ now featuring ‘Butch’ from Brooklyn NY. Bless Nick, he only got 12 hours sleep last night so was too tired to Bobby Bait. We only managed 28 games of darts too. Sigh. Tough job this management lark and then there’s all that sleep to catch up on.
So after great nights sleep, 16 hours of blissful peace in fact which is quite normal for Ruffa Lane management (we love our sleep and do as much of it as possible, even in the day too sometimes) I stole a car and raced down the M40 to see what I could see.

The leaves turning into glorious technicolor, the lack of diesel fumes, sandstone cottages and a near head on collision with Jeremy Clarkson (I am not joking – the blazer / stone washed jeans combo wearing T.V presenter was test driving some enormous –look-what-I’ve-got- car and took his bend a little too sharply) was not a patch on the glorious aural delight that entered my ears on entering Shillingsville studios. That my dears is the effect of a real life string section. Spine tingling does not do it justice. I wont divulge for fear of gushing but Dave The String’s Angels were working magic (in between giggling and avoiding my Spielberg attempts at filming a documentary).

It was then off for a quick pint of Badgers Breath down ye ‘only one in the village’ local and back to the capital in stolen car for an evening of hard partying for me and Andrew and period dramas for Doll.. but not before this;

Possibly the biggest feline I have ever come across. George insists on a diet of macro biotic genetically modified nuclear infused Whiskas for his moggies and this is the result.

Had I not been sleeping for most of the last few weeks I would never have had the strength to lift it. I am now fingerless on the left hand but was worth it for the shot.

More updates from the Management / Conker Death Squad (no stampies) / Sleeping soon.
Until then. Nathaniel x.


Blogger RisingSlowly said...

Classic photo! The cat looks dead!

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