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Monday, October 16, 2006


Well comrades, we've reached the point of no return and alerts are sounding Mixcon 1 down here at the underground bunker of the high security Bank Cottage complex.

That's right, as we speak producer George is firing all manner of digital and analogue devices at "Add Your Light To Mine, Baby" in the hope that the odd shaped mass of a million instruments and vocals can be hammered into some kind of brilliant pop shape.

Yup it's mix time and as tradition, I have been sent out of the studio. It's not that I've been bad and had a wee in the corner or scratched my name onto the mixing desk. I haven't even tried to smuggle the Wurlitzer out under my jumper yet.

No, when mix time is upon us, George works alone until the track is at a resonable state, at which I come in with fresh ears and say things like "hmmm, I'm not sure that the guitars are moving their shoulders enough " and " that high hat could be more cheeky" or "I don't think my Lute solo is high enough" : you know,that kind of thing.

So, having been concentrating pretty much non stop for five weeks, I now find my self crawling the walls not knowing what to do as I'm left alone for an hour or two at a time, pacing around like a caed tiger. Or in this case blogging like a caged tiger
I wonder if tigers blog? I'll bet Tony The Tiger does one. I'll bet it's gggggreat.
I saw the Frosties advert in Germany once. Tony has an even deeper voice and says" Das Ist Guuuuuuuuud" Odd.

So you may find that I'm blogging a bit more than normal this week. Man, I wish was in there mixing. And I hate mixing too! We had a frantic day of hose keeping (getting tracks ready to mix) yesterday. Well house keeping and last minute shoe horning of more instruments and percussion. T'was a good day and a massive weight on my shoulders when problem child "I Gots The Magic" suddenly blossomed into life with the aid of some brutal editing decisions and the addition of a Mellotron, Moog and Of course the Wurlitzer. It was like making big pan of porridge float daintily round the room. Boss.

So, as well as blogging and I think I might sweep the garden in a minute to say thanks to George and his wife for the hospitality, I've been giving myself a bit of musical education. George as you may expect has a big ol' library of c.d's and records.
today's listening classes have included:
Legendary blues man Robert Johnson,
Odd voiced musicians musician Robert Wyatt,
Strawberry Fields,
Proto rocker and Tarantino favoured guitarist Link Wray (brilliant)
the obligitory Pet Sounds fly past. "I just wasn't made for these times" still gets me misty.
A bit of crazy psychedelic prog from King Crimson.
Sicilllan film soundtracks courtesy of Nino Rota.

and "Bringing It all Back" home by Bob Dylan. Anyone who says Dylan can't sing is talking rubbish, he's got more control over his voice than most.

Anyhow back to the Dogs.

Ali's fabled "Dog Shaped Hole in the Heart" was certainly not filled by the evil little beast kept in the cellar of the hairdressers where we ended our surreal of Photographs on Saturday. The nasty bull terrier first left a pool of pee for photographer Libby's bag to seep into. It then went for evry member of the band's legs
nearly putting it's teeth through my best suit and having a good go at the bows on Ali's shoes. There was something quite sinister about that cellar and I was glad to get the train back to the country.

Dog2 was at the pub when we popped in for last orders last night and kept fetching me a stick to through. by the time I finished my pint, the stick was theb size of a match and the farmers sheep dog decided to trade it in for a more robust doorstop. At that point I stop playing, as did Toby the naughty puppy who had been trying to play a different game with the other end of the dog. Time for a trip to the vets for that one I think, it's the only way to calm them down at that age.

On that note I'm off to see what my song sounds like

Lots of love from Ramblin' Jack Laidlaw


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