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Monday, October 02, 2006

Now then, now then... now then.
There aint been much blogging going on round here lately , mainly because it's been just me this last week and I've had me nose t'grindstone since we last spoke. The gig was pretty cool although a touch wierd to be on first, which we havent done for a while. I felt a bit rusty early on, but it was alright after Ain't Never Ben Coool came along.

Come Friday, after a slow and slightly jaded start to the day, I was back down at Hitsville writing the horns for get Outta Town! I started about midday an finished them a t about five the next morning, had three hours sleep and dragged myself off on the train to the Cotswolds in my usual zombiefied state. Sitting out in the corridor with my axe and bomb disposal briefcase I heard the conductor over the Tannoy with this message: "Please disregard the last announcement. The next stop will be Kingham, not Charlebury, it seems Digital Doris has been on the gin again". Life is surreal enough when you are sleep deprived without this kind of nonsense. did I tell you by the way that the farmer who looks after the haunted house that is my home at the moment, bears quite a startling resemblance to Burt Bacharach. I keep expecting him to break into "Alfie" as he hands over my morning bucket of coffe.

I've still not said much about the album have i? Well it's going pretty well i think, although it does seem to be one enormous long day with no gaps. I'm finding it very dificult to tell the time or date and what we did where etc. On the plus side, it's starting to sound fantastic in places. Today we did some sorting out of vocal takes a and then made a major break through on the guitar sound by using an old cheap amp from Woolworths circa 1966. It's beautifully filthy with a gorgeous tremelo. I wish I'd used it on everything now but it certainly did the trick on Struck Dumb. yum!

Also today i finished my horn section for the Towering Inferno, which is somewhere between Stax and Bacharach and Spiritualized. No-ones really heard that song apart from the inner circle, so i'll be onterested to see what everyone makes of it. It's pretty big.

More guitar tomorrow (two tracks) and then I can put the planks to bed and concentrate on my space noises. woooooooo wooooooo spchlang beep rrrzzzzt.

Goodnight kids

Lots Of Love From Andrew"Lucky" Laidlaw


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