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Friday, October 20, 2006

Oooh you cheeky monkeys!

My dear blog-watchers and LS fans,

It has become apparent that while we've been slaving away in the studio over what is now believed to be "one of the finest independent pop albums of recent times", putting in 12-hour days, every day, pushing ourselves beyond what we thought possible, risking our lives being mauled by dogs and chased by bulls, it seems that our charming record label have had nothing better to do than tamper with Lucky Soul posters and search the web for incriminating pictures.

This, dear friends, is because they miss us. They really have nothing better to do! We can pity them, of course, but let it be known that just like Dexy's Midnight Runners, we too have the master tapes (aka hard drive) and EMI on speed dial.

Ali x


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