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Sunday, October 08, 2006


yes it was ladeez in free at Club Bank Cottage this Saturday day and Nite.

A completely different atmosphere to the macho (well as macho as musicians get) brass boys on Friday.

This lot weren't brassers though, they were 3 very sweet and quiet young ladies dressed in official string section regulation curly hair.

They were a lovely lot and didn't moan in the slightest when asked to play physically impossible parts and or/ loads of changes to the script.

What came out of the 3 (Violin/Viola/Cello) was absolutely beautiful and often tear jerkingly gorgeous. Particularly "My Darling..." and the oldest song in the collection "That Hollwood Glow" and live favourite "The Great Unwanted" was equally huge. sounding good that one.

I am now in no doubt that real instruments like these are far superior to their computer generated cousins. A richness and depth that cannot be faked. A bit like the band really...

Today was supposed to be a day off but I've ended up at Hitsville writing some backing vocals. I can't complain though because I am very lucky to have this opportunity of fashioning a whole album. Not that many bands get this far and certainly not that many will produce something this good on their debut. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant but I am very, very confident that we have something really special on our hands.

I have to go now to pack for another week. Until next time .... lots of love from me. x


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