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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's Terribly Exciting, I'm Practically Asleep...

Well it's been a busy few weeks! While the NME have released their 'Cool List' of 2006, we've been getting our new song 'Ain't Never Been Cool' out and about and on the radio and in the press. We're off to Stockholm on Friday for our gig at the Debaser and have to be up at stupid O'Clock for Toby to pick us up in Alan the van and take us to the airport. Daddy Nat's already in Sweden wheeling and dealing so we have to make our own way there! Eek.

Meanwhile..just when we thought this whole recording malarkey was over for a bit, a certain Radio 1 DJ has got in touch and asked us to record something VERY SPECIAL INDEED..Hmmm..don't know how much I can tell you now...EXCEPT THAT IT'S VERY VERY EXCITING, and way cool.

Will write again soon with our tales from the road..

Al x x


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